I work with patients using a combination of psychotherapy and, when indicated, medication. As a physician as well as a psychiatrist, I find that it is important to consider what other things might also improve a person's state of mind. Therefore, to get optimal results, I include diet, exercise, and mindfulness recommendations in working with people.

Since, unlike many psychiatrists, I do not work for an institution (such as a hospital or clinic, on a part or full time basis), my total commitment is to the people whom I see in my one and only office. Seeing people in one location also permits me to see new people more quickly than if I needed to balance my time among different practice locations. When needed, I communicate with the people I see through various media, including phone, text, and email.

Sessions can be scheduled in my office as well as through video platforms.

When you call to set up your first visit, I will be happy to answer any other questions which I might not have discussed above.

Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-12

Video & Audio Hours: as agreed upon by you and me

43 West Front Street, Suite 22

Phone: 732-842-0430

Email: fureylerro@gmail.com

Website: fureylerropsychiatry.com